Meet the RML Short Wheelbase Car Zero | Limited Production Car


A quick recap: RML Group located in Wellingborough, UK, will be building their “Short Wheelbase” as it is fully called, inspired by the legendary 250GT SWB from 1959, but while on one hand, the RLM SWB looks like a car from the Fifties, on the other hand, she will feature all the 21st-century amenities we’ve come to expect from a modern GT.

It wasn’t long ago we could finally publish an update from the RML Group, located in Wellingborough, UK, when they were finalizing their production prototype, Car Zero would not be counted among the 30 units that will become available to clients worldwide, it is a pre-production prototype used for the final testing, and she’s completely finished now, so we can show you this very special car from every angle in this extensive image gallery below.

But before admiring the countless photos depicting the RML SWB Car Zero, take a look at the official video from Michael Mallock, CEO of RML Group Ltd:

Onto the still photos:

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