Mercedes faces $4.8m FIA entry fee for F1 2022


As part of an F1 restructuring in 2013 to help boost the income of F1’s governing body, teams have faced high entry fees to take part in the world championship.

They are based on a two-tier system, with the constructors’ champion having to pay a greater contribution than everyone else.

The fees for 2022 have been revealed in the latest version of the F1 Sporting Regulations, and take into account a 1.4% inflation figure compared to the previous season.

The fees for 2022 mean that the constructors’ champion must pay out a basic fee of $577,278 plus $6,926 for each point gained.

Everyone else on the grid has to pay a basic fee of $577,278 plus $5,770 for each point scored.

The figures mean that Mercedes must pay out $4,826,379 for the 2022 season based on the 613.5 points scored last year.

The entry cost is non-negotiable and comes after a winter where Mercedes was left upset with the FIA’s handling of last year’s Abu Dhabi GP which cost Lewis Hamilton the world title.

Mercedes W13

Photo by: Mercedes AMG

The fee for 2022 is a slight rise on what Mercedes paid for 2021, but much less than the record $5,490,812 it had to pay out in 2020 following its dominant 2019 campaign.

Back then, thanks to the fee being based on points scored, its tally of 739 points pushed it above the $5 million threshold for fees.

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Red Bull’s step up in form last year has seen its entry fee jump from $2.7 million in 2021, to nearly $4 million for the season ahead. The 585.5 points it scored in 2021 have left it with a bill for $3,955,613.

Ferrari has also seen its fees rise dramatically thanks to its improved form last year. Having paid just $1.4 million to race in 2021, it must pay $2.4 million for the 2022 campaign.

Haas was the only team to score no points last year, which means it must only pay the basic entry fee.

The full entry fees, and comparison with 2021, can be seen below.

2022 F1 team entry fees

Team Points Point-based fee Total entry fee
Mercedes 613.5 $4,249,101 $4,826,379
Red Bull 585.5 $3,378,335 $3,955,613
Ferrari 323.5 $1,866,595 $2,443,873
McLaren 275 $1,586,750 $2,164,028
Alpine 155 $894,350 $1,471,628
AlphaTauri 142 $819,340 $1,396,618
Aston Martin 77 $444,290 $1,021,568
Williams 23 $132,710 $709,988
Alfa Romeo 13 $75,010 $652,288
Haas 0 0 $577,270

2021 F1 team entry fees

Team Points Points-based fee Total entry fee
Mercedes 573 $3,913,590 $4,482,898
Red Bull 319 $2,178,770 $2,748,078
McLaren 202 $1,379,660 $1,948,968
Racing Point 195 $1,331,850 $1,901,158
Renault 181 $1,236,230 $1,805,538
Ferrari 131 $894,730 $1,464,038
AlphaTauri 107 $730,810 $1,300,118
Alfa Romeo 8 $54,640 $623,948
Haas 3 $20,490 $589,798
Williams 0 $0 $569,308

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