8M Ethereum Out of Circulation Points to a Supply Shock

Key Takeaways Around $28.8 billion worth of Ethereum has been put out of circulation through the ETH2.0 deposit contract and EIP-1559. Meanwhile, the ETH available on trading platforms has plummeted to a... Read more »

Ethereum DeFi Tokens Jump Amid Market Recovery

Share this article Ethereum DeFi tokens are riding a bullish wave.  DeFi Blue Chips Rally  Several of DeFi’s leading projects are soaring.  Curve, Aave, Sushi, and Compound, which all launched on Ethereum,... Read more »


Bitcoin, Ethereum Primed For Increased Volatility

Key Takeaways Bitcoin and Ethereum are consolidating before their next significant price move. Clear support and resistance levels have been identified to anticipate a breakout. Due to the ambiguity in the market,... Read more »

Ethereum Layer 2 Arbitrum Soars to $2B in Value Locked

Key Takeaways Arbitrum has secured more than $2.2 billion in total value locked, with usage soaring in the last few days. Almost 29,000 unique addresses made transactions on the network Sunday. Arbitrum’s... Read more »

People Are Scouring Ethereum for Lost NFT Projects

Key Takeaways The crypto space is experiencing an NFT boom that’s been dubbed “NFT summer.” After avatars and generative art pieces, many of Ethereum’s oldest NFT projects have seen a resurgence. Notable... Read more »

Standard Chartered Says Ethereum Could Hit $35,000

Key Takeaways Ethereum’s macro outlook is bullish, according to banking giant Standard Chartered. Analysts at the firm say Ethereum could hit $35,000 and surpass Bitcoin in market cap terms. Despite the bold... Read more »

Why Are NFT Collectors Looking for Loot on Ethereum?

Key Takeaways LOOT (for Adventurers) is the latest NFT project to soar in value. The project takes a bottom-up approach, with the decisions over how to use the NFTs in the hands... Read more »

Bitcoin, Ethereum Suffer Crash But Support Holds

Key Takeaways The total cryptocurrency market cap suffered a plunge after Bitcoin tumbled yesterday. The sudden sell-off was felt among almost every cryptocurrency on the market. Bitcoin and Ethereum continue to hold... Read more »